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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  November 20, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> there's light in the midst of darkness and light does win and it always wins. >> a candlelight vigil for two children shot to death in a gruesome act of violence. and tonight, two more victims are fighting for their lives. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. who did this and why? tonight police say they're considering all possibilities in a case that has rocket a community in burlington county. the victims were found inside of a home on holly park drive in tabernacle this morning. this is exclusive video of investigators removing evidence from the home tonight. they were on the scene late moving several bags into a truck. our matt rivers is live at the scene with some new information tonight. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, there does remain a police friends on the scene. it was late this evening police identified 34-year-old jean la page as the woman found shot inside her home earlier this morning. she remains in critical
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condition. she was found shot alongside three of her children two of whom were a pronounced dead on the scene. the third remaining in critical condition with his mother. this comes as police have been out here all day long trying to figure out exactly what happened as this community tries to begin to grieve. few dozen gathered in the cold. >> there are people that are here. >> reporter: as emotions poured through a vigil for those who died. >> her kids called me their second mother and i'm just -- i'm devastated and shocked. >> reporter: she spoke about her best friend found shot along with her three children inside their tabernacle home. >> right away at the front door. >> reporter: police respond to do a 911 call shortly after 9:00 a.m. arriving to find two of the children a boy and a girl dead. third child a boy was taken to the hospital along with the children's mother. police say they are not looking for any suspects at this time but haven't yet determined exactly what happened. >> at this point i can tell you we are far from making a
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determination if this is a murder-suicide, who the suspect is. that's going to be something we'll wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> reporter: no matter how it happened, though, those left behind are stunned. police did not identify the children involved but word spread fast in the small town. patrick hines knows one of the young victims. >> he's one of my best friends. yeah, just -- i still don't really know what to think. >> reporter: even the youngest weren't spared the pain. this little girl is friends with another one of the children. >> he was a very, very good friend. >> reporter: it could be awhile before we find out why this all happened. but within the lack of understanding a community rallied around a message of hope. >> there's light in the midst of darkness and light does win and it always wins. >> reporter: and police tell us there were five other people living inside the house at the time that this all happened, all related to this family in some way. apparently none of those people heard the gun shots but police tell us that it was one of those relatives that first
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discovered the mother and her children. we're live in tabernacle, matt rivers. >> our coverage of this still developing story continues online. we'll stay on top of any breaking developments, we will bring them to you immediately on and also on facebook and twitter. >> two students at florida state university remain hospitalized tonight after an early morning shooting just outside the campus library. several students recorded the campus -- the chaos, rather, as it happened on campus. one video there showed a victim on the ground waiting for help. another shows police entering with guns drawn. the alleged shooter fsu alum myron may wounded three people before police killed him. >> we have not found any information at this time to indicate why he chose this morning to act or why he chose the library. >> investigators say that may, a 31-year-old lawyer had a journal and video that showed
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he was emotionally unstable. but right now they say they have no other motive. >> new tonight, it's a crime of opportunity. crooks snatch purses in parking lots from unassuming women. our diana rocco shows you the video of the suspects in action and shares how you can protect yourself. >> reporter: the video shows a man stalking women in a grocery store parking lot. he follows one, then shifts direction when he finds an easier target, a woman loading groceries into her trunk seemingly unaware. the man inasmuch as her coach bag and runs to awaiting car. >> the next thing i knew i didn't feel my strap and i see the gentleman going across the parking lot booking it. >> reporter: it happened in this bensalem giant parking lot sunday. susan didn't want to show her face. she was one of three victims over the weekend. >> you don't think these things happen but they document the bag was eventually found minus $120 in cash and a debit card. >> that's our money for the
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week or two weeks but then now it goes. >> reporter: police arrested robert and connor reilly, brothers and heroin addicts on a purse snatching spree and looking for quick cash. >> they saw a pocketbook in a shopping cart, a pocketbook on the front seat of a car. as the holiday season comes upon us we'll probably see more of these. >> reporter: when it comes to crimes of opportunity police say the most common targets are people who aren't paying attention to their surroundings or those who are distracted by other things and they say women when walking through parking lots should always carry their bags in front of them or under their arms like a football. >> if they say a woman or an individual that is aware of their surroundings, looking around an individual that is holding their pocketbook tightly to their body, they're less likely to go after that individual. >> i'm not ever going to take a purse to a grocery store again. >> reporter: susan is already doing things differently and hoping other women can learn from her
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story. in bensalem, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> well, we certainly know it is cold here but at least we're not dealing with this. some parts of western new york are buried under feet of snow tonight and they are preparing for more. it has been a nonstop emergency and nonstop cleanup effort in many towns. the nfl has had to relocate sunday's buffalo bills game to detroit and move to it monday night. kathy orr joins us now with more on that system that is going to bring some more cold to our area. kathy. >> we have another arctic front that moved through, chris, reinforcing that cold air. the winds are shifting, though, and that is good for some places south of buffalo. you can see that cold air going across lake eerie and that is what's producing this lake effect snow. the snow band was farther north area with a southwest wind. now it has shifted to the south and that is good news for folks that live in orchard park where the bills play and also in areas like hamburg
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that was hit hard and also west toward andorra and also looking at places like hamburg. so, this is all shifting toward the south and some heavy snow is heading toward the southern part of new york state right along the pennsylvania border there. now, as far as our weather is concerned we are talking about the arctic air but not talking about anything in the way of snow or wet yet, just cold. right now in philadelphia 35, allentown 29 to the north and west 20's and that is what is coming overnight. it feels like seven in the poconos, it feels like 19 in allentown, philadelphia still holding onto 30. tomorrow morning waking up to wind chills in the teens, even in the lehigh valley and into philadelphia 25-degree wind chills through south jersey. we'll be back with a significant warmup in the seven-day later in the broadcast. >> kathy thank you. president obama addresses the nation announcing his plan to take executive action on america's immigration laws. >> however, not everyone agrees. some republicans say he's abusing his power.
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cbs news reporter craig boswell has late details from the white house. >> reporter: president obama explained why he's actorring on his own to change u.s. immigration policy and stop the deportation of up to 5 million undocumented immigrants. >> mass amnesty would be unfair. mass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character. >> reporter: parents of u.s. citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to stay and so will more of the so-called dreamers, those brought to the u.s. illegally as children. adults will be allowed to apply for three year work permits but they'll have to register and passes a background check. they'll also have to pay taxes an fee. >> what i'm describing is accountability, a common sense middle ground approach. if you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. if you're a criminal, you'll be deported. >> reporter: republicans say the president is ignoring voter whose just handed the gop control of congress, they're vowing to fight the president's plan. >> make no mistake when the
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newly elected representatives of the people take their seats, 33 they will act. >> reporter: some 11 million immigrants are in the u.s. illegally and the president's action covers less than half. >> how does he explain that to the 6 million people who see now these 5 million getting preferential treatment. >> reporter: none of the president's actions create a path to citizenship and all of them are temporary. at the white house, craig boswell for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> meantime new tonight, a unanimous pennsylvania supreme court decision when it comes to a bucks county woman who lost her leg to a school bus. the high court has reduced a jury award for ashley zauflik from $14 million to just over 500,000. the court ruled that a $500,000 cap on damages awarded by school districts does apply to the zauflik case. zauflik of falls township lost her leg in 2007 when she was hit by an out of control school bus just outside of pennsbury east high school. her attorney talked tonight
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about the court's decision. >> he said that the personal injured by a school bus should be able to be compensated same if that person was hit by a commercial vehicle or a commercial bus. the supreme court disagreed. but the supreme court in disagreeing said we believe in essence that this zahar, result and that the result could be changed and can be changed and it should be changed bite legislature. >> well, an attorney for the pennsbury school district tonight said that they are pleased with the high court's ruling. >> more unrest tonight in ferguson, missouri. >> warnings come from the fbi as a grand jury weighs whether to indict a police officer in the death of an unarmed teenager. we'll have the story next. plus, the latest on sexual assault allegations directed toward philadelphia native bill cosby. we'll be right b
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>> new tonight the ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown says he does not expect to be charged. >> that is the word at least from a police union official who met with officer darren wilson today. a grand jury is deciding whether or not to indict wilson and an announcement could come perhaps as early as tomorrow. in a bulletin to state and local agencies the fbi says the decision will likely lead to attacks on police officers and key infrastructure. in philadelphia, police tell us that they're ready to handle any protest that is occur in the city. there is more fallout
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tonight from the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. in a video interview released by the associated press, cosby refused to respond to the rape claims that have been made against him. >> there is no comment about that. >> okay. >> and -- and i'll tell you why. i think you were told i -- i don't want to compromise your integrity but we don't -- i don't talk about it. now, can i get something from you. >> what's that? >> that none of that will be shown. >> i -- i can't promise that myself. >> well, now to be clear this interview was conducted on november 6th. the interview was originally focused on cosby's donation to the smithsonian national museum of african art. cosby's lawyer has repeatedly denied the allegations against
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him. >> a discount grocer prepares to close its doors in chester after just five months in business. the store on edgemont avenue is slated to close next week. it was the second food market in that city to open in the past 13 years. our syma chowdhury has more from chester. >> reporter: this was the scene back in june when chester residents were excite to do see a bottom dollar food store open up but now those doors are closing by year end. >> i cannot believe that in five months this place is going to close down uaw di acquired bottom dollar food. the company hasn't said whether it will set up a shop at this location leaving dozens without a job. chester was considered a food desert because it didn't have a grocery store for 12 years until a nonprofit opened fair and square last year. bottom dollar was chester's first retail grocery chain to open in years. >> building a building, having people come and now six months
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later they're going the close, it's saddam. >> reporter: chester mayor john linder called aldi representatives last week and has not heard back yet. >> so we can talk with them about some of the things that we expect obviously. >> reporter: if aldi doesn't convert the space soon residents will have to find grocery shops outside the city. the mayor is willing to negotiate tax breaks and other perks to attract aldi or other grocers. >> want to put up the safety cameras, the public safety cameras so we believe that it is a great spot. >> reporter: even if aldi does open a store at this location, some shoppers may be disappointed. they say aldi doesn't carry the same items as bottom dollar food. >> i never liked that market even when it was over in upland shopping center i didn't like it. >> reporter: whether it's aldi or not shoppers say it's a need to fill the space. >> it's such a shame that they don't understand the severity of the situation here in the city of chester. >> reporter: a city that could become a food desert once again. in chester, syma chowdhury,
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"eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> skies are starlit and temperatures are falling f a reinforcing shot of arctic air has moved in and we are going to be surprised come tomorrow morning stepping out the door. our eyewitness weather patchers are showing us the temperatures around the region. first let's start off in tuckerton where tim is saying the temperature is 37, winds out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour making for a chilly night indeed. toward the north and east of philadelphia we'll head over to glen moore where robert is saying light winds and a temperature of 30. and one of the coldest temperatures i could find from our weather watchers right here, 27 degrees in perk casey. captain chuck says a bit of a wind, the pressure is rising, a sign that high pressure is building in, skies are clear and temperatures are going to plunge. if you want to be our eyes and ears in the field across the delaware valley, you can be featured in one of our weather casts. go to
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stories sign up. it's a beautiful night across the philadelphia area. you can see right from the view of our sky deck a pretty night but a cold one and we will be seeing temperatures rebound after this brief cold snap. relief is on the way. today's high temperature 50. close to that average of 54 degrees. tomorrow look what happens way down in the 30's. by saturday better. sunday going above average by a few degrees and then monday temperatures soar and we will be chasing 70 by then. such a huge discrepancy in temperatures. stormstorm scan3 is showing thoe clear skies across the region and temperatures are responding. poconos already 21, it's 29 in allentown, 29 in reading, 28 in lancaster, still 30's through philadelphia south and to the east. chicago at 18, minneapolis nine. so, once again we can see upstream the air that's moving our way. temperatures struggling in the 30's for your friday and with temperatures struggling in the it's in the 20's and after that, we will have some improvement. that cold airy treats to the north. high pressure will give us
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more of a southerly wind component, so saturday -- saturday, rather, some 40's, sunday some 50, rain moving in at night. i think we'll get the eagles game in. and then sunday into monday the real warm air does peek. here's a global perspective over us right now. temperatures still on the cool side. cold for friday. look what happens by sunday into monday, a huge arc of warm weather right up toward maine and then by black friday, some cold comes back right on cue. it's typically cold as we head through the holiday weekend. overnight skies clear, wind chill in the teens. during the day tomorrow temperatures will be right around 36 degrees but with the wind it will feel colder and as we look ahead at thanksgiving temperature in the mid 40's. it will be mostly sunny but not the worst we have seen. on the eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will be mild, near 70 monday, near 60 tuesday and then pretty much falling back down below average but comfortable for
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thanksgiving. really can't complain about that too much. >> we could but we won't. >> we'll be thankful. >> that's right. >> kathy, thanks. the eagles can kind of get back on track this week. >> yeah, i know, they've got a good opportunity against a struggling tennessee titans team. chip kelly will talk about that. in south philadelphia, a great night, a couple of great flyers taking their rightful place in the rafters.
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>> flyers hosting the wild in south philadelphia tonight but before the game, the organization honored two all-time greats, the flyers inducted eric lindros and john leclaire into the team's hall of fame. the former legion of doom line made michael wind berg presented the men with their busts and then the banner bearing their names unveiled in the rafters at the wells fargo center. what a night. both men thanked the philadelphia fans for the honor. >> fans, i thank you. [cheers and applause] >> night in and night out you guys brought passion and energy to the wells fargo center for every game. we felt you, we played for you. >> win or tie you were always behind us and that's what i loved about playing here. you didn't accept losing.
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you demand the best from your team and that relentless enthusiasm and passion for the game was the contagious energy i felt every time i stepped on the ice. >> how about that current team capping off a special night with a win. to the highlights. the wild on the power play and one slipped past ray emery. mark strait slips into the spot and buries the feed from vinnie lecavalier. the bullet top shelf right now it's two-one bad guys leading in the third. to the birds another practice day for the eagles as they prepare for the tennessee titans. quarterback mark sanchez getting in reps as he prepares for his third start under center. rookie quarterback zach mitten burger will get his start for the titans. coach can kelly is not taking this thing lightly. >> everybody knows in this league everybody can beat
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anybody on any given day. there's a million examples of it and i think it's -- it doesn't help anybody if you're looking from one team to go to the next week. >> cbs3 is the place to be for eagles football this sunday. you can see the game right here over on cbs3 at 1 o'clock. our sister station. number 12 villanova hosting bucknell and the bison hanging with the wildcats in this one. second half after nova foul a 3-pointer bucknell's chris haas nails all three of the free throws, 62-61 bison. their first lead of the night. 30 seconds left in the half nova back on top bucknell loses possession of the ball nova pulled away. we'll be right back.
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